14 SEER vs. 16 SEER: A Comparison


When you go shopping for a new air conditioner, you’ll see that the units are labeled with a number called Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). This calculation is the dividend of the unit’s cooling output during the summer and its energy usage.

What is the Ratio of Seasonal Energy Efficiency?

If you want to get scientific, this formula divides the total number of BTUs (British Thermal Units) of heat removed from the air by the watt-hours of energy used by the air conditioner. When buying a new air conditioner, though, you don’t have to worry about the equation. All you need to know is that a higher SEER number indicates a more efficient air conditioner.

If you’re searching for a new cooling system, you won’t be able to locate any that are less than 14 SEER. The minimum efficiency rating is 14 SEER, according to the Department of Energy.

Most air conditioner manufacturers have a maximum SEER of 21, while premium alternatives may reach 22 SEER. If you need any help, contact an expert for professional air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN.

Efficiency Comparison of 14 SEER vs. 16 SEER

If you’re tight on budget, you’ll most likely have to choose between a 14 SEER and a 16 SEER unit. Of course, if you can afford a more efficient air conditioner, that’s great.  But,  the majority of homeowners are looking for something in this price range. Divide 16 by 14 to get an idea of how much more efficient a 16 SEER unit is than a 14 SEER A/C.

A 16 SEER unit is 1.14 times more efficient than its counterpart. To put it another way, it’s 14% more efficient. That may not seem like a big issue until you include it in your energy costs. When you can reduce your cooling expenses by 14%, your energy bills will drop substantially, resulting in considerable long-term savings.

A 16 SEER air conditioner costs around $86 for every $100 spent in cooling your house with a 14 SEER air conditioner. You need to check how often you use your system and how big your energy costs are usually. A more efficient unit may save you hundreds of dollars or even more over many years. Do you need assistance? Call a professional for expert air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN.

How Much Money Can You Save With a Higher SEER Rating?

The SEER rating is dependent on several factors:

The difference between a 14 SEER and a 16 SEER unit, for example, maybe considerable. The difference between a modern 16 SEER unit and an 8 SEER from decades ago is too large.

It also depends on where you live. The savings will be minimal for those who live in cool regions where air conditioning is only used a few days a year. When you live in Chattanooga, TN and require air conditioning nearly every day of the year, selecting a higher SEER unit can save you a lot of money.

What is the size of your house? Larger buildings have more air to treat, which means your air conditioner will have to work more. Because there is more work, increasing efficiency leads to even greater savings. Even those with modest houses may notice a significant improvement in their energy costs when their air conditioners are upgraded—thinking of an upgrade? Call a technician today for quality air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN.

Call for Dependable Air Conditioning Service in Chattanooga, TN

When choosing an air conditioner that will suit your needs in your home, you need an expert’s advice. You can always rely on Ryan Heating & Air for top-quality air conditioning service in Chattanooga, TN. Contact them today at (423) 903-5955.


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