13 PowerPoint Tips for Creating Professional Presentations


To make better presentations, you have to pay attention to many things. A professional presentation agency does all this for you, but if you want to create a good presentation yourself, consider these 13 tips.

A bad presentation can kill great ideas.

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To convince your target audience, you need a professional presentation to prevent mistakes.

If you lack time and knowledge, professional presentation agency can prepare presentations according to your needs. But if you want to do it yourself, never forget the 13 PowerPoint tips we will give you. PowerPoint tips help you avoid mistakes and help your audience interact.

PowerPoint Design Tips

A good presentation design can provide a good impression on your audience. Make a professional design to gain the trust and interest of your target audience.

Take care of your presentation.

Tip 1: Use The Right Design.

Create each slide according to a standard layout. The presentation page design should match the whole presentation design, but not the same as other pages. Thanks to this, it helps your target audience stay focused.

To do all this, you can use a PowerPoint presentation template or create your template with Slide Master.

Tip 2: Choose the Right Font.

You can get a professional look with an easy-to-read font. Amateur, frivolous, or unreadable fonts reduce interest in the presentation. You can download both original and beautiful fonts by browsing Google Fonts. If you’re not a professional presentation designer, stick to one font, avoid a messy look. Helvetica, Open Sans, Montserrat are some of the most used fonts.

Tip 3: Carefully Adjust Font Sizes.

Font sizes of the headings and texts are important to ensure integrity and understanding. We cannot accept that articles cover most of the slide, nor cannot be read by the audience. Interest in your presentation disconnect due to texts that aren’t read because they are too large or too small. You can set the size of the articles to 24. In this way, the presentation can be read from anywhere in the hall.

Be consistent in preparing presentation.

Tip 4: Set Post in Same Type and Size.

While the title you use on one slide is 46 size Helvetica, you cannot use the same type of title on the other slide 44 size Montserrat. Or your paragraph text should not be both of 14 font size and 24 font size. The same title and text types should be written in the same size and font.

Tip 5: Use Harmonious Colors.

If you are using a presentation template, everythingare already prepared. But if you are making a template or want to use your company colors, you should create your palette for this. But don’t use dozens. This strains the eyes and breaks the presentation integrity. Up to 3 different colors and shades will be sufficient for the correct presentation.

PowerPoint Background Tips

Tip 6: Use Contrast.

Contrast (such as black and white) attract attention. And we want to make the presentation remarkable. So be careful to use contrast not boring like black and white but provide contrast. You can use the color palettes created online to avoid difficulty in choosing.

Tip 7: Shine it.

Some statistics, quotations, or key ideas should be highlighted. Don’t share this information with interesting backgrounds. Use emphasis font and size, and images that describe the subject. You can write the most crucial point in bold.

Use colors to emphasize the message. But do not weaken the effect by using too many.

Presentation Texts Tips

Tip 8: Keep It Simple.

Presentations support your narration. You will tell. The presentation visualizes your story and keeps key points in mind. It does not tell the subject, should not. So share just keywords, infographics, and other visuals in the presentation. But never read your presentation, explain.

If you are afraid of forgetting your thoughts during the presentation, PowerPoint offers you a related service. Click “Notes” under the “View” menu and add your note below your presentation and start the presentation using the presentation mode.

Tip 9: Use CTA.

Summarize the main issue with a call to action or slogan. Ask yourself: “What I would like my audience to learn from my presentation?”

The answer determines your CTA, a summary of the data, and story. It is memorable and understandable.

Presentation Images Tips

Images help the target audience understand what about of presentation.

Tip 10: Add Pictures.

Slides should contain more pictures than text. But these images should be compatible with your message and should not be used only to give a pattern. Images can power and complement your message. You can use free stock image sites to find the right images.

PowerPoint Animations Tips

Animations can be powerful tools to visualize and explain complex topics. Good animation keeps viewers connect to the message.

Tip 11: Use Enough Animations.

Too much animation can be eye-straining. Use animation to pay attention to your call to action and highlight a key phrase.

Presentation Content Tips

Tip 12: Write Content Suitable for Your Target Audience.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What does my target audience know?

What should I say to them?

What do they expect from me?

What might be interesting to them?

What should they learn?

What keeps them focused?

Content prepared by answers to these questions will take you forward.

Tip 13: Think Like a Pro.

You can become a professional thanks to a good speech, a correct message, storytelling, visuals, and animations. You must first believe in your subject and then in your presentation that will accompany you.

Joker Tip: Work With A Professional.

No matter how good you are in your subject, you may not prepare a good enough presentation to support you. Some professional presentation agencies can make excellent presentations just with the summary information they get from you, so they don’t waste your time.

You can both use your time more efficiently and have the privilege of working with a professional who knows design, content, and storytelling.


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