10 Ways to Boost Your SEO Presence Using Blogger Outreach


Blogger outreach is an essential step in establishing a stronger online presence and boost your SEO presence


Outreach is extremely beneficial for your business and today we will be discussing 10 of the ways it can help you boost your SEO presence


To keep track of the SEO impact of your outreach campaign, use Google Analytics or any other metric-tracking software. 

Link Building

Link building is the process of acquiring backlinks through the process of blogger outreach. Why do it? Because a link that is pointing to your site from another resource transfers a fraction of its authority and traffic to your own site, which is a beautiful thing for your SEO.

Backlinks Are a Ranking Factor

The number of backlinks you have pointing to your site actually affects your site’s rankings directly. Basically, the more backlinks you have the better it is for you, but just as with everything, there’s a catch.


Not all backlinks provide you with the same sort of value. As a rule, the bigger the website, the more traffic it has, and the more domain authority it possesses, the more valuable are the links pointing from it.


But solely focusing on trying to only get backlinks from huge resources will probably not yield great results and trying to maintain a healthy backlink profile from smaller and medium-sized blogs is a better and safer strategy.

A Backlink Profile Is Your “Trust Fund”

Besides being a direct ranking factor, having lots of high-quality backlinks speaks a lot about your website and business. Even though in the tutorials it might seem like acquiring a backlink is not that difficult (and it isn’t actually difficult), the steps you have to take before you can get to link building is the challenging part.


I’m talking about producing quality content. Because for someone to link to your site, there must be a reason to. And that reason usually is good, engaging content.


So, once you start getting backlinks from other resources it will be instantly clear to other bloggers that you at least have good content that is worth linking to. Since someone’s already done it maybe it could have value for them as well?

More Traffic, Conversions, and Revenue

As I mentioned before, backlinks transfer a portion of a site’s traffic to you. And while it doesn’t guarantee an immediate increase in sales, eventually as your backlink profile grows you will notice that the traffic increase you’ve gotten since the start of your outreach campaign is quite considerable.


And while it may not be instantly apparent, the long-run benefits of building links through outreach are an overall increase of your online presence and the growth of your total traffic which brings with it conversions and sales if you’re an eCommerce business.

Up Your Visibility in Search Results Pages

Another result of running a successful outreach campaign is your eventual rise to the top of the search results in your niche. 


This is a snowball effect of sorts. Once you start getting more traffic from backlinks, you will become ever closer to the #1 rank. And as your position in the SERP gets closer to the top, you start receiving more and more traffic, which leads to faster growth of your SEO metrics.  


I know it can sound rather fantastic but if you run a proper SEO campaign with Rankiology, along with your outreach campaign you will see amazing results.

Choose Your Outreach Prospects Carefully

To get profitable backlinks you need to reach out to the right people. Besides being reachable via a simple email, their business should operate in the same niche as yours in order for that backlink to make any sort of sense.


Why would anyone follow a link from a car blog to a kids’ toy store, for example? Or why would a cooking blog publish an article about rocket science? 


So, not only for the other person to accept your link pitch but also in order for the link created to bring any sort of value to both of your sites should belong to the same niche. 

Reach Out to Guest Blogging Platforms

Guest blogging is probably the most efficient way of link building that will get you the strongest of links. The premise is simple: you approach a guest blogging platform or any site that accepts guest posts, really, and offer a piece of your content for a small fee: a link back to your own blog.


Pro tip: you can use a backlink scanning tool like Ahrefs to check out the backlink profile of your competitors and see which sites point to them. The logic is quite simple: if a site has already linked to content similar to yours you’re much more likely to receive a backlink from them as well.

Personalize Your Link Pitches

Now, the part that can make or break any outreach campaign is the way in which you approach writing your outreach emails. If you’re using or are considering using templates to send out half-automatic pitches en masse, don’t.There are two ways you can go about reaching out to websites with a link pitch. The first one is to use some kind of tool, which is not recommended because most of the work will be automated. Instead, you should use highly personalized SEO proposal templates or just write your emails from scratch.


Bloggers are usually quite busy people and their emails might receive up to hundreds of such messages daily. So, in order to even get a chance of building a link you will need a personal touch in each of your pitches.


Taking the time to get to know you’re messaging and at least skimming through their content is a great idea too. If you manage to write an email that shows you’ve invested some time into learning about the person and show them how building link between your sites is mutually beneficial, your chances of getting a reply are much, much higher than if you just copy and paste the same message to each of your prospects and simply change the name. 

Establish Relationships

Besides impacting your SEO directly in a form of backlinks, blogger outreach can also help you build countless amazing connections. 


While doing it you will be able to make new friends, learn from other bloggers, get their feedback on your own content, not to mention that after someone links to you once, if you stay in good touch and maybe even link back to them too, you’re much more likely to get more backlinks from them in the future.

Use Outreach Tools To Smoothen Your Workflow

Running an outreach campaign on your own can be a lot of work, especially if you have hundreds of prospects to message. But you don’t actually have to do it all by yourself! 

There are countless pieces of software that can help you organize and manage your outreach campaign easier and even help you create better-structured email pitches. 


Take a look at the list of the best link building tools by Linkio to find some much-needed help for running a more efficient link building campaign.


That’s it for today and good luck with your SEO efforts!


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