10 Tips to Get Ready for A New Roof Installation Process


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It can be an exciting experience to get a brand-new roof on your house. However, if you have kids in your home, then they will try to observe the roofers, tearing and nailing as close as possible to the action. But it can be dangerous for them.

If you have decided to replace your old roof, then there are some safety precautions and preparations that you can make to get ready for the action. Here we are going to show you some best tips to get your roof replacement task as smooth as possible.

1. Remove wall decorations

You will feel some vibration through hammers during roof replacement Vaughan. However, these vibrations will observe on your walls and will affect all the decorations. So, remove all the pictures, or other items that are hanging on your walls before replacing your old roof.

2. Relocate your vehicles

During the action, you have to relocate your vehicles to provide enough space for the contractors. However, throughout the day, they need quick access to their trucks and tools. Moreover, until work gets done, you will have to keep your vehicles a safe distance from this area. Make sure to close the doors of the garage to keep out dust and debris.

3. Identify accessible power outlets.

Identifying accessible power outlets can fulfill the needs of your contractors in finding electrical outlets while working. However, if your house does not have any power outlet, then an exterior outlet is the second-best choice.

4. Remove satellite dishes

You have to remove all the satellite dishes before having any roof replacement. If you can’t remove the antenna by yourself, then you can call your cable provider to make the arrangements.

5. Cut grass and prune trees

Before the contractors’ start work, trim all the tree branches that hang low near your roof. Moreover, cutting the grass will keep fallen debris from hiding in your lawn and making cleanup faster.

6. Move grills away from the work zone.

You can place these outside items like grills and barbecue inside the garage or shed to keep them away from the dust and debris. However, if you don’t have any garage, then you can also put them in your yard at a safe distance from the work zone.

7. Think about kids

It can be unsafe for your kids to watch out the roof replacement work. Move then away from a safe distance of the working zone. If you having pets in your home, then it is vital to keep your pets away from the action zone.

8. Have a conversation with your neighbours

You have to talk to your neighbours before starting your work. You can give them a time frame for the duration. However, the information that you will provide to neighbours will make them comfortable and an opportunity to adjust their schedules.

9. Be aware of the environment.

Roof replacement work can create some uneasy obstacles in your home. However, there will be some extension cords and other construction equipment that can hurt you. Moreover, also keep your kids away from these dangerous obstacles.

So stay alert during this work time to prevent all the injuries.

10. Cover belongings in the attics

During the roof replacement, dust or small debris will fall on the attic. Numerous workers will walk on your roof and pound it with hammers. So keep your items clean by covering them with old sheets.

However, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust after construction is complete.

Final thoughts

You can also have a conversation with your roofing company to make the roof replacement work smoother. However, make sure that the new roofing material must be strong enough that it can protect your house. So if you need a new roof on your home, then call a roofer who you can trust to bring peace of mind.


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