10 Tips For Sleeping Well And Regaining Good Sleep Hygiene


How to sleep well? To sleep better, you need to know a few tips to get rid of certain bad habits, improve your sleeping environment and tame the “ruminations” caused by stress or anxiety factors. Here are our 10 tips for sleeping well and improving the quality of your sleep!

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Get rid of bad habits that interfere with your sleep

1- Do not drink coffee or tea in the afternoon

To sleep well, it is better to avoid stimulants very early: the last coffee after lunch, no tea and even coca-cola after 4 p.m.

2- Do not practice sport at night

Physical exercises wake up your muscles and prevent you from sleeping well.

3- Taking a hot bath is a bad idea to sleep well

Our body lowers its internal temperature to program itself to sleep, it is a lukewarm bath (37 ° maximum), which will soothe you.

4- Switch off the screens at least an hour before going to sleep

Television, computer, Smartphone diffuses a very exciting blue light, close to daylight: avoid exposing yourself to them at night! The 2016 Sleep Day was also about new technologies…

Your sleeping environment: The ideal room for a good sleep

5- Maintain a cool temperature in your room

To help our body lower its internal temperature and prepare for sleep, be careful not to exceed 18-19 ° in your room, which is also sufficiently ventilated.


6- No computer or television in the room!

No screen, of course, because of the blue light, nor any “waking” activity: no thrillers, video games, but don’t worry about your accounts or your schedule for the next day either. Before bedtime, a small soothing ritual (herbal tea, make-up removal) will facilitate the transition to sleep.

7- A bed only dedicated to sleep, love, and the night

This is THE advice for sleeping well to remember: apart from cuddling and sex, be in your bed only to sleep. Even activities that relax you, like reading, listening to music, can be done out of bed!

Also, don’t stay in bed when you can’t sleep: this can increase your anxiety, nervousness, and prevent you from falling asleep. You should be comfortable in your bed, and not equate it with a negative thought.

8- Long live the darkness and the silence in your room

Get rid of parasitic noises (such as the ticking of watches), and isolate your room in a protective cocoon. Don’t hesitate to try earplugs if your partner is snoring. Hide the light well with shutters and curtains: dim light, then total darkness, stimulates the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

False Beliefs and Negative Thoughts about Sleep

9- Do not count your sleep

Give importance to the quality of sleep rather than its quantity. Do not convince yourself that lack of sleep will create irremediable fatigue; never force your sleep by forcing yourself to go to sleep on your schedule the next day. The long naps can disrupt the balance of sleep.

10- Listen to sleep signals to go to sleep

You start to blink, yawn, and have heavy eyelids? It’s time to go to sleep, without waiting. Your internal clock likes regular sleep rhythms. Listen to your body rather than your head when it comes to sleep.

How to sleep well when stressors and anxiety disrupt your sleep?

How to sleep well when your ruminations, your emotions, prevent you from sleeping well? Sometimes it is enough simply to revisit some of your beliefs on this subject, and at the same time readjust some habits thanks to our advice for sleeping well, seen above. Certain relaxation techniques very effectively reduce physical and psychological tensions.




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