10 Technology Trends For 2020 To Watch Out

technological trends

The world is ever-changing with new technology changing ever field of life. Nowadays things are becoming digital day by day and since the evolution of rapid technological advancements. Everything has become so easy, like how you could submit your HESCO bill without the need of having your desktop or laptop. All you need is a mobile and your mobile banking to pay your bill. Similarly, there are many such technological revolutions taking place.

We have collected 10 technology trends that will most affect our lives in the coming year.

1. Artificial intelligence will firmly establish itself in production

AI has already taken its place in everyday life in the form of smart assistants Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. In 2020, emotion recognition and machine vision will reach a new level, and artificial intelligence will “take over” production.

2. The deployment of the Internet of Things will really begin

With the development of 5G networks in 2020, connected devices and basic IoT applications will become more widespread.

3. Demand for edge computing power will increase

More powerful sensors and AI models at the heart of new advanced applications will require more performance from the edge to process incoming data and make decisions at the edge, without sending it to the cloud.

4. Mass commercialization of quantum computing

2020 will be the year of quantum computing, VB is sure. The volumes of information processed are increasing at a frantic pace, and quantum technologies will come to the aid of such industries as health care and energy: in cancer treatment, genome analysis, and nuclear energy management.

5. Evolution of aerospace technology and space travel

Thanks to SpaceX, Blue Origin, and the success of other private companies, humanity will be able to begin more active space expansion.

6. A new milestone in the history of the Internet: 5G and Starlink satellites

Competition between countries and companies will drive the development of 5G and the widespread adoption of the next generation of communications. More accessible Internet will be provided by the Starlink project – SpaceX plans to launch 12 thousand of its Internet satellites by 2023.

7. Evolution of medical technology and genome analysis

Medical companies offer to analyze a person’s DNA to study diseases and look for ways to prevent them. AI will help improve the quality of treatment: for example, it will be more widely used in the processing of MRI, CT, and X-ray images.

8. Technologies in agriculture

Machine vision, AI, big data, robots – in 2020, all of this will increase the efficiency of agriculture and increase yields.

9. Unmanned driving

In 2020, autonomous driving systems will finally reach level 5, according to VB.

10. Practical application of blockchain by the USA and China

In the new year, influential structures will start using blockchain to suppress large data leaks and fraud on the Internet, as well as in financial services and other areas.


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