10 Common Cancer Symptoms for Men and Women

10 Common Cancer Symptoms for Men and Women

There are a lot of misconceptions about Cancer, and thanks to fast access to the internet, any symptom can end up in being cancerous. While not everything has to hit the extreme diagnosis of developing cancer, there are certain risk factors which makes it vital for all of us to be in check with our regular checkups.

What does Best Oncologists have to Say?

Most doctors understand the need for which age group needs to go under cancer screening. According to them, cancer has no specific symptoms and therefore depending on your age, your primary care doctor can suggest certain screening checkups. However people with more risk factors such as smoking, drinking, high sun exposure, harsh chemical environment and genetics are more prone to developing cancer symptoms and need regular evaluations.

Symptoms to Suspect Cancer Development

Here are 10 Signs and Symptoms for both men and women to be aware of if you suspect cancer development.

Blood Cough, Blood tinged Saliva or Persistent Cough

This is due to the simple infections which develop such as bronchitis and sinusitis. This could be due to lung cancer, head cancer or neck cancer. If you are seeing bloody mucus in your coughs, you should immediately see a doctor. 

An abrupt change in bowel habits

This can be mainly because of your diet. However all of this becomes more worrisome, if there is any blood in stool or you have been experiencing thin stool for a long time. This is usually the symptom of colon cancer. If you are constantly ending up having diarrhea, there can be solid chances of colon cancer in your system. Hemorrhoids frequently cause rectal bleeding, however they are quite common. There is also a strong possibility that hemorrhoids may exist with cancer. For this purpose you should have a doctor examine your entire intestinal tract when you see blood in your bowel movements.

Unexplained Anemia

Constant low blood plasma and fewer than expected number of blood cells can be problematic. Having iron deficiency is common and can happen because of an imbalanced diet. You can also cure anemia through medications and supplements after consulting your doctor. However if here is ongoing loss of blood, then this anemia needs to be explained.

Breast Lump or Discharge

Most lumps round your chest are noncancerous and are merely cysts or fibrodemonas. Nevertheless, you should still pay your doctor a visit. Such condition needs to be thoroughly examined for the possibility of developing breast cancer. The next thing you should be mindful about is the discharge of any liquid thing from your breast. If you are a breastfeeding mother, or going through pregnancy, a little bit of discharge is alright. However frequent discharge can be dangerous. More so, if you feel a lump and discharge at the same time. The best way to determine whether the lump has the possibility of being cancerous can be determined through a biopsy. Also it is vital for women to conduct a thorough breast self-examination for further evaluation.

Lumps in Testicles

Cancer of testicle can be an uncomfortable lump on a testicle. Another reason can be an enlarged testicle. Some other indicators can be swollen veins, urinary infection or blood in urine. It is best to be mindful of your body growth every now and then. Men are advised to conduct monthly self-examinations.

Urination Problems

Frequent urination can be because of you drinking water in excess. However if you are constantly urinating for no understandable reason whatsoever, then it might be a string indicator that something is wrong. In most cases leakage of urine is due to enlarged prostate gland as men age. If you are diabetic, stressed or living in cold climate you can experience more urination than usual which is alright. You should be alarmed when you see blood in your urine. That is when you should definitely consult a doctor.


Hoarseness can be due to a number of reasons. If you feel that it is lasting longer than 3 to 4 weeks, then it is high time you thoroughly get it examined. If you are someone who catches allergy easily, then you can be assured about your condition however persistent hoarseness coupled with other symptoms can be an indicator than something else might be lying under.

Swollen Glands

Just like lumps and cysts, swollen glands can develop due to the uneven drainage of lymphatic glands. There can be a high probability of a swollen lymph to be an indicator of cancer development. A lump or a swollen gland that remains swollen for a couple of weeks should be immediately evaluated.

A Sudden Change in Wart or Mole

Some people have unwavering moles, which can develop due to environmental factors. If you suspect a multicolored mole that have irregular edges, bleed or is cancerous can be worrisome. If they continue to enlarge then that maybe another underlying sign of something fishy going on.

Unusual Vaginal Bleeding or Discharge

Unusual blood discharge other than menstrual cycle can be a sign of development of uterus cancer. If you sense an odd discharge or heavy flow of blood between periods or other than your cycle, you should reach out to your doctor immediately.

It’s always better to educate yourself and stay on the safe side especially when it comes down to your health. You should always stay mindful of your life choices and how they can impact you in future regarding your life choices. 


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