10 Amazing Hand Sanitizer Facts You May Not Be Knowing


Hand hygiene is one of the essential hygiene practices that everyone should follow wholeheartedly. To maintain proper hand hygiene, you need a good quality hand sanitizer as it plays a vital role to keep you away from germs, viruses and bacterias. Now, washing your hands with soap and water is necessary but sanitizing your hands with an appropriate amount of alcohol-based hand sanitizer is also needed.

How Does Hand Sanitizer Work?

Sanitizing your hands includes washing your hands with soap and water; after drying your hands properly, apply a hand sanitizer over your palm and rub them thoroughly. However, if there is no soap and water available, for instance; while traveling, camping, or at public transportation, then you need to carry a hand sanitizer in your bag.

Buy pocket hand sanitizer as these are travel-friendly and cost-effective. Additionally, it is also required at healthcare centers, clinics and hospitals to avoid the spread of numerous hazardous diseases.

Fact Related to Hand Sanitizer


Washing your hands with a soap bar and water is the best. Suppose soap and water are not available, then what?

Just washing your hands will not eliminate invisible germs, bacteria, and viruses. It’s vital to sanitize them with alcohol-based hand sanitizer after washing hands. They are so much more effective when water and soap are not available. Most healthcare experts discovered that alcohol based sanitizers between 60% to 95% are more effective at killing germs than the ones with a lower alcohol amount or non-alcohol based sanitizers.

Do you know the right steps to use hand sanitizer?

When using a hand sanitizer, squeeze out a coin-sized drop on your palm and then apply it all over the surfaces of your hands until they become dry. You should cover all the surfaces of both hands with it. It’s not necessary to invest in big bottles of sanitizer, as you can always get a pocket hand sanitizer that is easy to carry and convenient.

Are hand sanitizers really effective?

Several studies have explained that hand sanitizer works well in areas such as hospitals and clinics where hands come into contact with bacterias or germs but mostly are not heavily dirty. A few studies also displayed that hand sanitizers may work perfectly against specific kinds of germs on slightly soiled hands.

When, where & how frequently should you use hand sanitizer?

They are used once you wash your hand or can be used without washing your hands. It sometimes means when you’re at outdoor events and water is not accessible; at those times, you should have a hand sanitizer. You can use it in the kitchen before cooking, before and after eating. It can also be used after going to bathrooms, in hospitals by healthcare staff, at outdoor spaces like camping and traveling.

Does alcohol-based hand sanitizer kill flu virus?

It kills most kinds of germs, viruses, and bacterias. The transmission of a few flu-like diseases can be prevented by using hand sanitizers. Most alcohol-based hand sanitizer definitely fights against germs and kills about 99.9% germs. Scientists have shared that alcohol-based hand sanitizer doesn’t cause diseases. However, it assists in preventing the transmission of contagious diseases such as cold, H1N1, flu and various other viral and bacterial-based diseases.

Uses Of Hand Sanitizer

There are a few other stunning uses of it:

  • A tiny drop of a hand sanitizer and a soft cloth can make your phone’s screen shine.
  • You can even clean your mirror and windows with barely a pinch of a hand sanitizer.
  • If you apply a hand sanitizer on a zit or a pimple, it will make them dry or help you in removing them.
  • It also assists in making your glasses and sunglasses shiner.
  • A hand sanitizer is also helpful in removing fingerprints on stainless steel.
  • You can even sanitize your makeup brushes with the help of a hand sanitizer and ensure to dry them.
  • It can help you stop the itching after mosquito bites.


In conclusion, it is a win-win situation for you when you purchase an excellent quality alcohol-based pocket hand sanitizer. A hand sanitizer is worth every penny you spend. So, what are you waiting for? Get one today!


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